Saturday, May 19, 2012

Questions and Answers Regarding Disneyland Price Increase

We announced yesterday that the Disneyland Resort has raised their ticket prices on daily admission and Annual Passes.  Many people had questions via e-mail and facebook, and we have tried to combine all the answers into this post.

Q.  My Annual Pass expires in June, can I still renew?  

A.  Disneyland confirmed all Annual Passholders whose AP expires in May or June can still renew at the former price.

Q.  Can I buy an Annual Pass online before the price increase and when do I have to use it?

A.  You can purchase an Annual Pass today online in full and you will print a voucher that is good through December 31, 2012.  Your Annual Pass begins its year from the date you first pass through the gates with it.  So, if your Annual Pass expires in September, you can purchase a new one online today at the lesser rate, print the voucher, and then after its expiration, get a new AP.  It would not be a renewal.

Q.  Can I buy Theme Park Tickets online and use them this year?

A.  You can buy 1-Day to 6-Day tickets online today and they would be valid through December 31, 2012.  If you are planning a visit this year, you can buy them now.  The tickets are only valid for 13 days after first use normally.

Q.  What happened to the 6-Day, 1-Park and 6-Day Park Hopper Tickets?

A.  The Disneyland Resort has cancelled these ticket options and they will no longer be available.  I believe they will still be available in a Passport Plus Ticket which you can purchase from Wish Upon A Star Travel. 

Q.  Can I buy tickets at the Southern California grocery stores and still use them?  What if I already did?

A.  Check the back of the tickets, they should be valid through December 31, 2012.  Disneyland will not charge you the difference.  Disneyland will probably re-supply the stores soon with new tickets.

Q. Do they still offer the Premiere Annual Pass which allows entry into Disneyland and Walt Disney World?  Did it increase and can I buy it online?

A.  They still offer this ticket and it increased by $100 to $849.00.  This ticket can be bought at the lesser rate today, but only at Guest Relations or a Ticket Booth at Disneyland or Walt Disney World.  It is not available online.

Q.  Is this the second price increase this year?  

A.  Disneyland last raised their prices June 2011.

Q.  What is a Passport Plus Ticket?

A.  A Passport Plus Ticket are the tickets sold through the Walt Disney Travel Company and Travel Agents.  They still offer Magic Morning admissions plus VIP seating for shows and parades.  You can purchase them from Wish Upon A Star Travel.  The tickets ship directly to you prior to your departure.  A $13.00 service charge is charged by Disney. These tickets increase in price around the first of the year, but are valid thirteen days from first use and first use must occur on or before December 31, 2012.  There are no blockout dates. 

Q.  Did the Parking Add-On option for Annual Passes increase too?

A.  The parking add-on increased by $30 to $129.00.

Q.  Is Walt Disney World increasing their Tickets too?

A.  Typically, Disneyland and Walt Disney World increase their tickets each year.  While they have not announced theirs yet, you can go online and purchase tickets for a future visit this year. 

Q.  Is the Southern CA City Pass going to raise its price now? 

A.  The Southern CA City Pass prices will remain the same for the year and is not impacted by the price increase. 

Q.  Will the deposit still be $80.00 if you are financing your Annual Pass?  Will the monthly payment increase?

A.  The deposit due when you finance your Annual Pass is one day admission, which will be $87.00 on Sunday.  The monthly payment is the balance divided by the 12 equal payments.  If you are currently financing your Annual Pass, your monthly rate will not increase until you renew.  


Elise said...

Hi I have a question. I have a premium annual pass and it expires on October. So can I renew it now and get the old price? Also is the new pass going to start from the day that I renew and expire that day or is it going to expire on october. Sorry if this is confusing but I really appreciate it. Thank you.

Kevin Johnston said...

Hi Elise,

You can purchase an Annual Pass at a grocery store still for the former price. You will purchase a voucher that is good through December 31st. After your Current Annual Pass expires, you can process your new Annual Pass and it begins from the first date you enter the gates. It would not be a renewal, but a new Annual Pass. If you order online today, you will pay the new price of $649.00. I hope this helps.

You are not able to renew your Annual Pass now if it expires in October.

Elise said...

Thank you Kevin.